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christian grewell

emerging media: art, design and tech

I love emerging tech, so I work on a variety of projects across gaming, application development, ar/vr, blockchain and product prototyping. 

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Shanghai Lockdown Simulators

Spring 2022

Tech: Godot Game Engine

The Shanghai Lockdown Simulators are a series of 3 small games designed to give the player a true sense of the excitement, boredom and terror of living with China’s Zero-Covid policy. 

1. Covid Line Simulator:
Wait for up to 2 hours to get your mandatory PCR test, cutting in line increases your chance of exposure.

2. Lockdown Simulator:
You’re locked in your apartment for who knows how long. Stock up on food, participate in social media group purchases and rely on the kindness of strangers for your next meal.

3. Hotel Quarantine Simulator:
Experience 21 full earth days of hotel quarantine. Includes 3 semi-edible meals a day, 2 daily covid tests, and a partial view of a shipping lane.

Next Game: Citation ->


Fall 2022

Tech: Godot Game Engine

Hired is a fun, interactive journey introducing people to common pitfalls, tips, and resources that will help them land a gig.

hired mockups, Fall 2022


Summer 2021

Tech: Godot Game Engine

Citation is an episodic mobile and desktop web game. You play as a fledgling, if not forgetful scholar of magic on a hunt for your lost notes. In the process, you’ll absorb some common-sense knowledge about what it means to be an ethical scholar.

Next Game: Hired ->

citation, Summer 2021

the black sun

Fall 2021

Tech: unity, oculus quest, mirror networking, hand tracking

The black sun is meta-metaverse VR platform and an homage to Neal Stephenson's phenomenal sci-fi book  Snow Crash. It's primary purpose is to allow for a new course I've designed, called Hello: Metaverse. Where students are given mobile VR headsets, and asked to create their own metaverses within the Black Sun.

Next Project: Hamlet VR ->
the black sun, credit:Zihan Feng

hamlet vr

Spring 2017

Tech: optitrack, ue4, htc vive, udp networking

HamletVR is an interactive virtual reality theater experience, where audience members at the Tribeca Film Festival and across the world participated in the world's first live VR theater where the motion and voice of live actors were networked in a virtual world allowing participants to watch and explore Shakespeare from an entirely new point of immersion.

Next Project: Hyperspace -> 
hamlet vr, Tribeca Film Festival, Spring 2017

Hyperspace 超空

Fall 2017

Tech: optitrack, ue4, htc vive, udp networking, projection-mapping

An immersive, participatory outerspace VR theater experience where participants paired with guides to explore the cosmos. 

Next Project: Sleep No More ->
hyperspace, Shenzhen, China Fall 2017

sleep no more

New Years Eve 2021

Tech:ue4, touch designer, projection-mapping

Produced and designed immersive installations for Sleep No More’s 2021 New Year’s Eve event. Including multi-monitor audio-reactive project mapping.

Next Project: Project Neuron ->
sleep no more, nye party 2021

project: neuroon

Fall 2017

Tech:ue4, ableton, optitrack

Project Neuron was a collaboration between friends at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. We began with the theme from the conference - hearing the self - and imagined what it would be like to visualize the entire neurological process involved in hearing sound. Furthermore, we wanted to combine the fact that everyone hears themselves differently than others do. The end result was a 5 minute live dance and motion-capture performance where each dancer was able to both impact the visuals and the music.

Next Project: Bongos ->
project neuron, Fall 2017


Fall 2018

Tech:magic leap, unity, motion capture, machine-learning

Project Skynet is part art, part science. The overall goal of the project is to explore art and culture through the design and development of a system to capture the motion of the arts in a structured, machine-readable way, and to make this data available to algorithms, researchers, artists and others worldwide.
skynet, Fall 2018


Fall 2022

Tech:Godot, Ethereum, NodeJS

cryptoquiz is a real-time ‘gameified’ platform for facilitators and participants to engage during class sessions, including pop quizzing, commenting and other real-time features. Participants earn (small!) amounts of cryptocurreny as a rewarded for participating.

Next Product: Patch ->
cryptoquiz participant interface



Tech:electronics, digital fabrication, Flutter, webRTC

patch is a messaging and audio/visual conferencing software and hardware product focused on emulating and translating how humans hear sound.

Next Product: Sola ->
patch prototypes


Fall 2020

Tech:Fusion360, electronics

Sola is a combination 1080p/60 webcam, LED light ring and task lamp designed as a way to reduce desk clutter and make oneself look pretty good on Zoom.
sola prototypes and renderings, Fall 2020