A few experiments and playful things I've been working on.



explores multiplayer physics-based combat in room-scale multiplayer VR, it features fully destructible environments where players take on the role of merchants competing for profits in an ancient bazaar.

The goal is to have the most money by the end of the day. Lucky Cats surround your shop and earn you money over time. Protect them - they don’t generate coins when they are knocked over by an opponent.

Gain the advantage by exhausting your opponent's resources or destroy their shop using found objects in the bazaar. Protect your high value items and throw objects at the other player to damage their shop. Each object around you can be picked up (for effects), thrown (to attack) or stacked (to create defenses) against your opponent.Use crates, woods and anything you can as defenses.



Bongos is a virtual reality audio production experiment where the user is able to control and experience an Ableton Live mix where the sound from each track is accurately spatialized according to the location of objects in the  space relative to the listener.