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感谢各位开发者来参加这次HTC Vive开发马拉松活动。以下是一些活动事项说明。请在参加活动前阅读。

Hello developers and thanks for agreeing to participate in the SHVR HTC VR JAM! Below are some simple instructions we've created to get you prepared for the event. Please read them!


Super Important Information

  1. 活动将于8月14-16日,在创思实验室举行,上海市黄浦区普育西路105号6号楼105-108室 | The event is being held August 14 - 16 at Transist 上海市黄浦区普育西路105号6号楼105-108室

  2. 报道时间是8月14日周五下午2点开始。正式开发从下午6点开始。Registration begins Friday at 2:00pm, we will start the festivities around 6pm.

  3. 活动期间,餐饮会足量提供,并有饮料和零食。We will have food for the entire event duration! 

  4. HTC, Unity和AMD都会为本次活动提供奖品和礼品。HTC, AMD and UNITY are providing INCREDIBLE PRIZES (MORE ON THIS AT THE EVENT)

  5. 活动地点会备有一间休息室。不过如果你想在休息室里过夜的话,请自备睡袋。活动场地附近5分钟路程有一家汉庭酒店,推荐考虑。If you want to work overnight, we will have space for you to sleep, but bring a sleeping bag and a pillow. If you'd like to book a hotel room nearby, the Hanting Express is very close

  6. 请务必自带开发用电脑和其他开发需要用的软硬件。如果你之前申请过租借电脑的,数量有变动的话,请再联系陈晟(微信:kindfox)确认下。Please bring a PC or Mac (we have limited dev PCs to lend out) - it does not need to be a powerful development computer, macbooks will also work! If you cannot bring a PC, please contact 陈晟 (微信:kindfox)

  7. 请预先安装好开发环境。Prepare your development environment in advance

    1. 这里,可以下载Oculus Runtime。Install the Oculus Runtime. You can find it here
    2. 同时,需要装一个Steam客户端。Make sure you have steam installed
      1. 在Steam客户端的“库”里,有“工具”目录,请在里面找到SteamVR并安装。Install SteamVR. It is in your Steam Library under Tools
      2. Select Virtual Reality Mode (BETA) from the View menu in Steam
    3. 如果准备用Unity开发,也请先安装好Unity最新版本。Install the latest version of Unity if you are planning on developing in Unity
  8. 以下是活动微信群,你和你的小伙伴们可以加入进来。Join the WeChat group for the latest information from the organizers